Dear friends! Today we have decided to place information on processing of a visa application for foreigners (foreign citizens). Due to the fact that we receive many questions, we will try to answer the most common ones:

  1. Do you work with foreign citizens and citizens of the CIS? We answer: “Yes, we work!” We have a great experience in processing visa applications for citizens of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Africa, Turkey, China and other countries. But here you need to understand that when processing visas for foreign citizens, we should take into account a number of additional requirements such as the availability of legal documents on the basis of which a citizen is in the territory of the Russian Federation (temporary registration, temporary residence permit, residence permit, etc.). It is also necessary to take into account that for foreign citizens there is an increased consular fee of the Embassy of the country that issues the visa.
  2. Do you help to draw up the missing documents? Yes, we help. We are ready to help you issue an invitation to Russia for a foreign citizen, an invitation to Europe, registration, a temporary residence permit, a residence permit and even citizenship.
  3. Do you issue invitations for foreigners? Yes, we issue travel and business invitations from 30 days to several years. Single and multiple. We also issue work, tourism and business invitations to Europe, America, Asia and other countries.
  4. Can you offer 100% visa guarantee? This is one of the most frequent questions. No, we do not give 100% guarantee. The decision is at the discretion of the Embassy.We guarantee professional and correct preparation of a package of documents, consultations and help with the submission of documents to the Embassy. If your visa approval is 100% guaranteed somewhere, be aware that most likely these are not entirely honest statements.
  5. What visas can foreigners apply for at your center? We process visa applications to the Schengen countries and Europe, the USA, Asia, China, Australia, England, etc. Tourist, work and business visas.


If you have not found an answer to your question, then write to us in any language to our messenger WhatsApp / Viber / Telegram 89260646776